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"I'm a Patriot"

Becky Kern-Taylor came to me with a page of lyrics and a tune she'd plunked out on a computer-generated keyboard. Her words were so rich and heartfelt. She was so passionate. I was immediately drawn into her thoughts and had to produce this song. I was reminded of how fortunate I am to live in a country that is free because of the men and women who have defended us and fought for us! I, we, must continue to work at maintaining the integrity of the principles our Founding Fathers laid down for us.

Andy Bridgeman, a businessman in the community, brought the lyrics to life with Tom Docter's arrangement of Becky Kern-Taylor's vision.

This song brings out the meaning and value to those principles we hold true - to those words we cling to - to our FREEDOM. I'm a Patriot!

A special thanks to Michael Ferenci of Ferenci Music in Los Angeles CA for mastering this song and to David Dial of David Dial Web Designs in Monrovia CA for the producing the graphics.

- Annmarie - Producer- AVE' Productions

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